Conboy is a note taking application specifically designed for Maemo.
It is designed to be easy to use - yet powerful. Conboy can read and write the Tomboy file format to be compatible with Tomboy on Linux, Mac and Windows.


Conboy is under active development, the current stable version has the following features.

  • Full-text search over all notes
  • Text formattings like bold, italic, small, big, etc.
  • Automatic saving of all changes (including cursor position)
  • Nested bullet lists with unlimited depth.
  • Linking notes with other notes
  • Automatically link to existing notes while you type
  • Automatically create bullet lists if a line starts with a dash (-) or an asterix (*)
  • Search inside a single note
  • Notes are stored in the Tomboy note format. So they are compatible with Tomboy, GNote and Tomdroid
  • Full screen mode
  • Text zoom
  • Last edited note shown on startup
  • Integrated with Maemo-Backup
  • Portrait mode on N900 for reading and selecting notes
  • Automatically link to various URLs like web pages, email addresses, etc.
  • Available in 19 languages
  • Sharing notes as HTML via bluetooth, email or online service
  • Synchronization with online services like Ubuntu One and Tomboy Online

Keyboard shortcuts

Ctrl + b Bold text
Ctrl + i Italic text
Ctrl + s Strike out text
Ctrl + m Monotype text
Ctrl + h Highlight text
Ctrl + n New note
Ctrl + Enter Fullscreen
Ctrl + f Find
Ctrl + q Quit
Hardware +/- Zoom in/out

Conboy in action

Here is a short video demonstrating some features of Conboy.


This is a list of frequently asked questions. If you have one, please let me know!

How do I create links between notes?

There are two possibilities to create a link between notes. You can manually create a link if you select some text and then press the link-button on the bottom tool bar.
Also whenever you write down the title of an existing note, the text is automatically converted into a link to that note.

How can I select text?

On the N800 and N810 you can select text by simply using the touch screen or the d-pad while pressing the shift key. On the N900 you can only use the cursor keys while pressing shift or the touch screen while holding down shift.

How can I make a backup of my notes?

Simply use the backup application that came pre-installed with your Nokia device. It will backup and restore all your notes.

Is it possible to synchronize my notes with another computer?

Yes. This feature is present since version 0.7. It is tested using Ubuntu One and Snowy.
Please note that the synchronization currently only works in "server always wins" mode. So if there is a conflict, the server version will overwrite the local version.

Where are my notes saved?

The notes are saved in /home/user/.conboy/

Can I help with translations?

Sure, help is always welcome. Here you can view the state of the translations and enhance them if you like.

Can I help with coding?

That would be great! Just contact me - there's a lot of stuff to do!